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Kayak Fishing Saftey Tips For The Gulf Of Mexico

Author: Team American Yaker - RIZZO

Preparing For A Kayak Fishing Trip In The Gulf Of Mexico

Check The Weather

    When kayak fishing in the Gulf of Mexico safety is paramount, so preparation is the key to success.  Start prepping for your fishing trip a week in advance. By prepping I mean, start looking at the weather forecast. I.e. wind speed and direction, surf height, rain, tides, and current. All of which are very important to having a safe and enjoyable fishing trip. 

Know Your Limits

First, know YOUR limits and capabilities on YOUR kayak. Everybody’s limits are different. One angler’s extremes might be another angler’s easy day. Second, on windy days or days with a strong current always paddle into them on the start of your trip. Trust me it will make life 10 times easier on the way back in. It’s easier to go with the flow rather than fight it on the way back especially after kayaking for 5-10 miles in the heat of summer.

Check The Surf For Your Launching Spot

Lastly, the surf. The surf can be very intimidating for several reasons; the height, the distance between the breakers, the temp outside etc. The list can on and on but it all boils down to knowing your limits. A good tip for conquering a decent surf is timing. Time the breaks and try to launch between the sets. Then paddle hard and fast with the bow of your kayak cutting through the waves. The waves are created by the sand bars so knowing where the sand bars are, or not, would be a good place to start. Also, a north wind for 2-3 days will lay the surf down whereas a south wind will kick the surf up pretty good. Again, preparation is the key to success when fishing The Gulf of Mexico.


Below Are A Few Helpful Fishing Apps To Help You Prepare For Your Kayak Fishing Trip

The Weather channel


My Radar

Fishing Points

Tides Near me

Fishing Rules

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