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Kayak Fishing For Stripers In The Bays

Author: Sean Oneil

When I fish the bays in Massachusetts I fish in a 10 foot Jackson kayak. It is a sit on top kayak with paddles. Some people like the peddle kayaks but there much more money and I have never tried one. My kayak has two rod holders, a dry box, a storage area that is inside the kayak and a water bottle holder. 

I usually bring one spinning rod but when there is bunker in the bays I bring a conventional rod so I can snag the bunker and use them as bait. My spinning rod is a 7'6" offshore angler gold cup series rod with a shimano sedona 4000 spooled with 20 lb bull buster braid. The conventional rod is a 7 '6 `` shimano Exage with a seigler SGN spooled with 50 lb bull buster braid. I use a 30 lb fluorocarbon leader for both setups. 

The bays in massachusetts usually don't hold many big fish. Most of the bass are from 15 to 30 inches. For lures I like to use small bucktails, metals, topwater spooks, and Rapala X raps or SP minnows for trolling. For bucktails I use 1/2 and 3/4 oz sizes and just plain white for colors. The rest of the lures are simply just silver with a black back. When the bunker is around I use a bunker snag hook to snag them on my spinning rod and live line them with my conventional rod. For hooks I use a 7/0 or 8/0 VMC circle hook. 

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