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Is Braided Line Good For Shark Fishing?

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Should You Use Braided Fishing Line For Shark Fishing?

Many anglers ask the question:  "Should You Use Braided Fishing Line For Shark Fishing". The short answer is YES.  Below we will dial into why and how you should use it. 

Why You Should Use Braided Fishing Line For Shark Fishing

Braided fishing line by nature is thinner and stronger for the same diameter than monofilament fishing line which means that you can pack more line on your reel with it and apply heavier drags.  

This is great for shark fishing because as you already know sharks can grow to immense sizes and can be very powerful. Braided line also has less stretch than traditional monofilament lines, so you are applying the power of your drag more directly onto a shark, this can be the difference of turning its head or not. 

Everything You Need To Know About Braided Fishing Lines

How You Should Use Braided Fishing Line For Shark Fishing

The way that you use braided fishing linefor shark fishing can be very different depending on how you are targeting sharks.  

Fishing For Sharks From Boats With Braided Fishing Lines

For fishing for sharks from a boat you may want to pack your entire reel with braided fishing line, this will allow you to use a smaller reel to target the shark, or to simply maximize the benefits of braided fishing lines. Sharks unlike many other fish do not have soft mouths so you can apply maximum pressure on them. 

Fishing For Sharks From Land With Braided Fishing Lines

When fishing from land for sharks there is a time to use braided fishing line all the way to the top, and there is a time to use the all important monofilament topshot.  

Targeting Sharks With Casted Baits From Land

If you are casting sharks from land with casted baits, it is best to use straight braid. In this case you will be using a small conventional reel or spinning reel and not much line will be left between your reel and where the bait sits. Braid will be excellent because of all the qualities mentioned above. 

Targeting Sharks With Kayaked Baits

If you are targeting sharks from land with kayaked baits, this is a time to use braided fishing line as backing instead of all the way to the brim of your reel.  In this case the thicker diameter of monofilament line actually is to your advantage so you are going to want a monofilament topshot.   Some anglers kayak their baits out more than 200-300 yds, all of this line out from your reel increases the chance of your line rubbing against a reef, rocks, or passing fish.   Having a mono topshot with a thicker diameter protects you with its greater abrasion resistant properties.

In the video below youtuber "BlacktipH" shows how to properly add a monofilament topshotto a a reel that will be used for kayaked baits. 



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