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Installing Rod Holders On Your Boat (Best Videos On The Web)

Author: Bullbuster Team

Best Videos On The Web To Install Rod Holders On A Fiberglass Boat

This article puts together the best videos on the web for installing rod holders on  your fiberglass boat. Installing rod holders on a fiberglass often requires drilling large holes in your boat, so you will want to measure twice and cut twice when getting into this project.   There are also a number of angles a rod holder can be installed at. These angles make it easier for you as an angler to do different types of fishing, as well as to have a more customizable spread.

How To Install A “Zero Degree Rod Holder” On A Fiberglass Boat

Below is a video posted on Youtube by “Phil Conally” that shows you how to install a zero degree rod holder on a fiberglass boat.  Phil shows you the entire process from start to finish including the tools he uses, how he goes about drilling and preparing the hole for the rod holder, as well as how to seal it to prevent water from leaking into the hole you have just created.

How To Install An Angled Rod Holder On A Fiberglass Boat

The video below posted by “Fish On Forte” shows you how to install an angled rod holder on your fiberglass boat.  Depending on what type of fishing you are doing, various angles can be advantageous. Your goal may be to keep your rod out from the boat, keep it at good angle to connect your line to and outrigger, or to have keep your lines separated during trolling or drifting.  

Sometime You Want To Put Your Rod Holders On Railings

The video below posted by Youtuber "Camboya Fishing" shows you how to mount a rod holder on a railing.  His are square, many of the railings on your sailboat will be round, however the concept and installation techniques remain the same.

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