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Inlet And Jetty Etiquette

Author: Ryan Carson

How To Fish Inlets & Jetties

 Inlets and jetties are popular areas to fish as they provided plenty of structure for fish/bait to hide and feed. With popularity brings crowds and it’s in everyone’s best interest to be well mannered and to understand proper etiquette so that everyone can have a great time and catch fish.

3 Tips For Fishing Inlets & Jetties

1. Give fellow fishermen space. Do not cast upon his/her area where you just saw him/her hookup back to back fish. It can be very aggravating to that person if they have to figure out how to cast their bait/lure without tangling with yours every cast.

2. Tangle tantrums. Snagging someone’s line is sometimes inevitable. Best way to approach this situation is for one person to retrieve line and resolve the tangle. DO NOT try to play tug of war. All that will do is make the knot tighter and longer time for both parties to start fishing again.

3. Teamwork makes the dream work. This works in two ways.

-These locations do have their hazards with slippery/sharp rocks, deep crevices, and crashing waves can lead to a nasty day. With that being said if your neighbor needs help landing a fish do your best to do so. A little generosity can go a long way. I surely wouldn’t want to miss a keeper right at the rocks.

                -A very small area can be fished if you work together. Whether its 2 people or 5 people the same strategy is applied. If tide or current is flowing from left to right here is how a line of people should cast so that line crossing. The far right person should cast at a 45 degree angel up current. The second from the right should copy the same cast but allow a 10-15 second delay. This will help keep everyone’s line away from each other and provide a great fishing experience.

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