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Impractical Practicality For Kayak Fishing Part 2

Author: Tavis Kagawa

Aloha Everyone and I am glad you could make it to part 2 of this 3 part article. As I stated in the previous article, these techniques are both impractical and practical dependent on what kind of fishing you do and what type of gear you bring with you. These set-ups favor anglers who want to maximize their fishing without bringing (and maintaining) too many rods.

The Rod

In this part of the article I am describing my "big" pole set up. This is what I primarily use to catch fish with live bait or lures. I am usually targeting fish within the 20-60 lb range. I use a heavy action jigging rod with this set up. 

The Swivel 

The swivel is the key piece to this set up. With braid backing and mono top shot, I like to connect my line to a ball bearing snap swivel. I know of many anglers who like to minimize the number of swivels on their line, but I personally have found the benefits to outweigh the negatives. 

I will never say that a swivel causes more bites from a fish, but I will say that it has never noticeably affected me in a negative way. My strike ratio seemed to be maintained with my peers regardless if they were using swivels or not. 

The swivel is key because it allows you to change up your rigs quickly and efficiently. In many ways it functions like 1 and a half lines. You can switch between flourocarbon, wire, and lures in a matter of seconds. The ball bearing swivel really helps defeat line twist especially when using dead baits or anything else that will spin. 

There have also been times where I land a fish swap the leader and have a fresh bait in the water in less than 15 seconds, often times resulting in a second strike right away.

One of the factors to running this set up is that you will have to pre-tie all of your leaders if you want the benefits of being able to swap rigs out quickly. Making your rigs before you get on the water can be cumbersome, but it can also help to assure that everything you have with you was tied well before hand. 

I know not everyone is into running swivels, but they can make a single pole become a lot more versatile. 

Stay tuned for Part 3 where things get really interesting. 

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