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Importance Of Line Capacity

Author: Double Threat Charters (Alumni)

Braided Line Can Help You Scale Down & Still Catch Big Fish

It is rare to catch fish over 50 Lbs in Miami in your kite spread, but when something like this blue marlin comes through your spread you will be happy you had backing.

One of the more interesting aspects of fishing in South Florida is that we never really know what's going to bite. The water we usually fish is home to mahi mahi, kingfish, wahoo, tuna, cobia, sailfish, marlin, swordfish, and a variety of different sharks that all readily eat live bait.

Although the vast majority don't get much larger than 50 lbs on average, there are those fair few mystery bites that make you wish you had more line on your spool. Down here most anglers fish 20lb tackle for the majority of our angling purposes. We fish similar tackle while kite fishing aboard the Blue Yonder. Normal sized kite reels can get beefed up with more line capacity by spooling up 300-500 yds of 30lb braid backing. This thin diameter braid is stronger than the mainline and makes for durable backing that increases our overall line capacity.

We top shot our reels with close to 500 more yards of 20lb bullbuster mono packed on as tight as possible. The top shot and backing are linked by tying a bimini twist to bimini twist cats paw connection that is 100% the strength of the lines. This maximizes our reels' line capacity to nearly 1000 yards. That cushion helps when two sailfish take off in opposite directions and have no intention of stopping, or if something big finds the bait. 

Good Luck & Tight Lines,

Capt Brent

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