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Import Bullbuster Fishing Line To Your Country

Author: Bullbuster Team

Import Bullbuster Fishing Lines To Your Country

If you are looking to import an American brand of fishing line to your country, then you have come to the right place. Bullbuster carries the following types of fishing lines: 

1) Monofilament Fishing Line

We carry monofilament fishing lines in 1/2Lb, 1Lb, 3Lb, 5Lb and 22Lb spools as well as coils. Our monofilament sizes range from 12-1000Lb test. 

Monofilament Fishing Line To Import From The United States

2) Braided Fishing Line

We carry braided fishing lines in 500, 1000, 1500, 2500 yard spools. We carry these spools in 20LB - 200Lb test.

Braided Fishing Line To Import From The United States

3) Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

We carry fluorocarbon in 50 yard and 500 yard spools. 

Fluorocarbon Fishing Line To Import From The United States

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Become An Exclusive Dealer Of Fishing Line In Your Country

To become an exclusive dealer of Bullbsuter Fishing Lines you will need to e-mail for more information MOQ and dealer prices. 

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