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IGFA Record Usage For Bullbuster Fishing Lines

Author: Bullbuster Team

Are You Looking To Set An IGFA World Record With Bullbuster Fishing Lines?

Our goal at is to help you spend more time fishing by providing you with the best direct to consumer (brand direct fishing line) online. With this being said we provide the top strength lines when compared to diameter. Our braided fishing lines test very close to their rated number, however our monofilament may overtest quite a bit. If you are looking to pursue a world record with Bullbuster fishing lines, we recommend using 1Lb test below the line class you are going to be pursuing. 

Contact for more information on using our lines for IGFA records or which fishing club to contact if you would like to pre-test your line before chasing  record. 

For Example:

In the video below posted by IGFA headquarters you will see them test our 125Lb test.  If you are going to be targeting a 130Lb class record, we recommend using our 100Lb monofialment as it tests out around 119Lbs. 

For More Information On IGFA Records You May Want To Target Check Out The Link Below:

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