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How To Wrap Cobia Jigs

Author: Alex Mears

Wrap Your Own Cobia Jigs

Materials For Making Your Own Cobia Jigs

To start off you need to get bucktail, tentacles, bobbin, wax thread, cement or apoxy for the thread, flash, and a vice grip. You also need to get whatever oz cobia jig head you want.

Where To Find Supplies To Make Cobia Jigs

You can find all of those items at your local bait and tackle store. I buy by my cobia jig heads from they look really good and they can custom make the heads any color and oz you want! 

How To Wrap Them Jigs!

Once you have all your supplies you want to put your Cobia jig in your vice. 

Step 1) Tentacles

I start out with the tentacles I usually wrap them on the shank of the hook. You want to get the thread and wrap it around it self then make a few more wraps. Put one of the tenticals on the shank of the hook then wrap around it 5 times and put a tentical on the other side and wrap around it 5 times again. 

Step 2) Flash

Then get your flash put however much you want and wrap around it about 20 times. Then tie any knot you want and put the apoxy around the threads so the tentacles and flash won’t go anywhere. Then you want to wrap the thread around it self on the head of the cobia jig and do a few more wraps. 

Step 3) Bucktail

Grab a pinch of buck tail and wrap it 3 times and make sure your wrap as close and with some tension around around the flare so the buck tail poofs out. Keep doing that all the way around the head till you think it is enough buck tail on it. Wrap a lot of times around the buck tail to cover it all up. So where you wrap you want see any bucktail through the thread.

Step 4) Finish It Off

Make a knot. Get an exacto knife or scissors and cut off all the little pieces of bucktail coming through the wraps. Then cover up the thread with apoxy.

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