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How To Use Stumbleupon To Get More Views For Your Articles

Author: Bullbuster Team

Using Stumbleupon To Share Your Articles is a great website to discover things on the internet. It randomly selects sites for you within a given topic and lets you browse them. It is a lot more visual then google and it will help people discover and actually read your articles while "Stumbling".

In this article we discuss how to set up your Stumbleupon account, how to use it to let people discover your articles, and how to use Stumbleupon manners. 

Setting Up Your Stumbleupon Account 

Get started at  At Stumbleupon you can use either your gmail account or your facebook to create an account. 

How To Stumble

Let Stumbleupon know the categories that you are interested in and the start clicking the "Stumble" button!


Adding Your Article To Stumbleupon 

1) Click On The My Profile Icon

2) Click On The Add Page Icon

3) Fill In The Page Information Like Below

Manners For Stumbleupon

The internet is a lot like the real world, there are manners that you should use when you go to certain places.  Like when you are here on the Bullbuster Community everyone's main goal is to spend more time fishing, this is a not a place to be bashing other fishermen but instead a place to share information to help all other fishermen out.  On Stumbleupon manners go like this.

1) Stumble More Then You Share

2) Let The Stumbleupon Community Know Whether A Resource Is Relevant Or Not

A thumbs up means this is a good resource to you. 

A thumbs down is the opposite but in this case you actually get to let stumbleupon know why