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How To Use A Hand Gaff As A Dehooker

Author: Patrick Meek

No more dealing with stubborn hooks! 

So many times I've had fishermen ask me, "How do you do that?" when taking my fish off the hook. My good friend and Bullbuster Ambassador Joey Polk with Team True Blue taught me years ago a much easier way to unhook your catch without having to handle your catch or deal with stubborn hooks. This is especially helpful when dealing with saltwater catfish or toothy mackerel.

Step 1:

Using your hand gaff, place the hook of the hand gaff inside the hook in the fish's lip.

Step 2:

With your free hand, pull your fluorocarbon leader down to hold tension while holding the gaff hook inside the hook in the fish's lip.

Step 3:

 With your hand holding the gaff, twist your wrist to the right and the fish will fall off the hook.

Below is a video I made with step by step instructions on how to dehook your fish.

By using these steps, you're almost guaranteed to never be stuck by a saltwater catfish again while taking it off the hook.

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