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How To Survive A Non-Fishing Family

Author: Bullbuster Team

How To Share Your Passion For Fishing With Your Family 

Face it, not every family is going to love fishing with a passion or want to go every weekend.  If your family does not like to fish, there are a number of ways that you can share your passion with them that will help them appreciate your passion.  We hope that this resource helps you spend more time fishing.

1) Learn To Cook Your Fish & Share That With Your Family 

They might get seasick, they might have no patience, they may be pre-occupied, but they definitely will appreciate a well cooked meal.  Below are a number of recipes for fish that you can share with your family.

Best Recipes On The Web To Cook Mahi

Best Recipes On The Web To Cook Triple Tail

Best Recipes On The Web To Cook Wahoo

Best Recipes On The Web To Cook Yellowfin Tuna

Best Recipes On The Web To Cook Blackfin Tuna

Best Recipes On The Web To Cook Mutton Snapper

Best Recipes On The Web To Cook Yellow Tail Snapper

Best Recipes On The Web To Cook Sea Trout

Best Recipes On The Web To Cook Redfish

Best Recipes On The Web To Cook Red Grouper

There are tons of recipes where you can learn to cook fish for your family on the Bullbuster Community, (Find Out How To Cook Your Catch Here)

2) Pairing Wine With Fish 

 This goes with our first tip, but its a good thing to know for your family as well with your wife, a special lady friend, or significant other.

A rule of thumb when it comes to pairing fish with wine, is that you are going to want to use white wine with light fish such as pan seared snapper and red wine with either fried fish or fish that is more meatlike like swordfish (Learn how to cook swordfish on the grill).

Check out this great resource that can help you pair your catch with wine.

3) Traveling 

 Even if your family doesn’t like to fish, they probably love to travel.  Try to work with your family to find locations where you can enjoy beautiful views, scenery, and of course good food with them, and still make it out to catch some exotic fish.  

4) Compromise 

Talk with your family about a fishing/snorkeling trip. Or a fishing/tubing trip.  By compromising you can get some fishing in and your family can get some of an activity that they enjoy in as well.

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