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How To Spool Your Line

Author: Noonz

Blue 12lb monofilament

The other day I had ordered some line to put Light tackle  rods. It was 12# test mono. Many of you probably may know this way of putting line on your reel but I just thought I would put it out there anyway. The simplest way to spool your reel when you're by yourself or don't have any tools is to; use the box it came in, poke a whole in the front of the box so you can put your line through. After that lift up the spool just a little bit and stick an object through both sides of the box going through the center of the spool so it can spin freely. Pull out some line make the knot on your reel and start reeling in line. Make sure that the line is being winded up evenly on the reel to are sure you don't get any knots. It also helps from needing to  cut your line because of a tangle. I use this technique every time I need to put new lines onto my reels. This should only take about 4-7 minutes but that all depends on the size of the reel and the type of line your putting on it. This also helps from losing the spool and having line come off of the spool If it falls on to floor on the boat when hitting a waves or just being loose somewhere. 

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