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How To: Snook Rigs For Pier Fishing

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Snook Fishing In The Summer From Piers

Snook fishing off of a pier can be one of the most exhilarating types of fishing you can do. Snook Fishing for Giant Spawning fish is best from May-August and SE Florida happens to have the best Snook Fishery when it comes giant fish IMO. Stopping these giant linesiders is no easy feat, as snook are extremely smart and tractor oriented, often heading straight for your lines worst enemy!!!

Snook Underneath A Pier In The Summer

The video below goes over on how to make the rigs I'm about to mention.

Basic Pier Snook Rigs

I will go over to basic types of rigs and keep in mind these rigs are meant for live baits and primarily targeting GIANT snook. 

#1 Flat Lined (Weightless Rig)

If you are fishing braid as your mainline I would not advise fishing anything less than 40Lb Bullbuster braid! Secondly if you do fish braid as your main line make sure you are tying an FG knot to at least 15-20 ft of 60-100lb fluorocarbon leader. The fluorocarbon size will be determined from day to day based on water clarity and how well the snook are eating, I always advise fishing as heavy a leader as possible and Fluoro for snook to help with abrasion resistance. If you are not fishing Braid make sure you are not fishing less than 50lb main line or you will get your feelings hurt!

If you are unsure of how to tie an FG knot I made a video to help!

The hook NEEDS to be 2x-4x strong style hook to prevent straightening. I like a 3/0-7/0 hook depending on the size of my bait, with The Gamakatsu 4x strong SE hooks as my go to!

The flatline rig works well when Snook are actively feeding on top or with a big Perch that is willing to swim down!

#2 Weighted Rig 

The second rig is essentially the same as the 1st with respect to leader pound test and hook size. However now you will need a swivel (100-150lb)  to attach to your mainline. Place your line through a 1-3oz egg sinker and then tie to your swivel using a uni knot.  Attach a 2-4ft piece of Fluoro to your swivel and then to your hook.

I find the weighted rig works well with fast moving baits such as sardines

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