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How To Set Up Peacock Bass Live Bait Pen

Author: Albert Acosta

DIY Live Bait Penn For Freshwater Fishing

Peacock bass fishing is one of my favorite types of fishing. I mainly go after these beautiful hard fighting fish witdh artificials like soft plastic swim baits, minnow hard swimming baits or flies. But nothing beats live bait...and I mean nothing beats it. So I'm going to show you my set up and what I do to keep the bait alive and frisky! What I do is set up a 5 gallon bait bucket lined with styrofoam and a battery powered air pump you can get at local tackle shop. I use a small ultralight rod with tiny bait hook to put bread ball on hook. Then one by one catch the live bait. These baits are the peacock bass favorite and natural food source... they cant resist these baits! I usually load up on bluegill, Mayans, bream, jewel cichlid, and other small baits. Remember big baits = big peas!

Big peacock bass daded county

Live bait bucket for bass fishing
Bait Bucket
Once you have caught all your live bait then it's time to take them home. I catch my bait the day before usually to save time in the morning and it gives me more fishing time. When I get home I have an old cooler that I have converted into a live bait pen for my peacock baits. I bought a pump from Walmart that connects to a 12 volt car battery(got idea from one of the master pea slayers Reeldealadventures. 

Live Bait 12volt Pump Make Your Own

Live Bait Pump
Peacock Bass Live Baits Make Your Own Pen
Bait Pen

Once you have your baits in the pen with 12 volt battery connected to pump you are almost ready! What I do next is very very important... I load up about 15 gallons of extra water in 3 containers. What I do next is after a few hours I take out 5 gallons of water throw it out and replace with fresh 5 gallons. The live baits produce waste in the water... if you don't change the water they could die or will not swim very well which could reduce your fish strikes. I then set up my rods which have Bullbuster 30lb braided fishing line with 30lb-40lb Bullbuster fluorocarbon and a small circle hook size 2. I will be heading out tomorrow in search of some big peacocks. I have big baits ready which they love. Hopefully I can get another big peacock to hit a big bait. Last time I used big baits I was rewarded with a 22 1/2" monster. I'll keep you guys posted! Tight lines everyone! 

Monster Peacock Bass
Big Peacock on live bait

We hope this article got you pumped to get out on the water. Its our mission to help you spend more time fishing.  We hope that we have helped you or someone you know spend more time fishing.  

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