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How To Service An Avet 80

Author: The Shark Boys

After every couple trips on the sand its a good idea to service your reel. I service my big reels after every 5-10 days out on the beach or after each big fish. Alot of people pay decent money for shops to take apart and clean there reels but its actually very easy and anyone can do it at home in about a half hour. In this post im going to be talking about how I service my avet exw80. However most of this information will work with any lever drag reel. 


allen key set

Marine or reel grease

small paint brush 


paper towels or rags.

First step is to disassemble the reel. do this by removing the 8 allen screws on the plate side of the reel. and the seven allen screws on the crank side. once the real is apart begin cleaning and removing all the old grease oil sand or corrosion that is built up inside the real and on the gears. once the old grease has been removed, use the brush to coat the teeth of the gears with marine or reel grease. Inspect the drag and gears for any imperfections. Drop a few drops of oil onto the bearings and let it soak in. Keep the drag dry and free of grease or oil. Apply grease to the mating surfaces of the real. This helps keep sand and water out, and also prevents the joining surfaces from being seized together in the future. i apply a small drop of oil into the clicker, and a thin layer of grease on the clicker ring. The real is now ready to be reassembled. the hardest part in reassembling a reel is lining up the dogs, however with a little practice it becomes second nature. Reinstall the allen screws and go through the functions of the reel to make sure everything is properly working. Once all together and verified working I wipe down the real with a rag or paper towel to clean up any extra grease. Now the reel is freshly serviced and ready to fish year after year.

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