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How To Run And Gun! Mahi Mahi Fishing

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Mahi Mahi fishing- Run and Gun technique

The run and gun technique of Dolphin fishing is certainly nothing new, but I did want two talk about my experiences with it and what has helped my friends and I put Big Mahi in the boat this past summer!

Lets start with my first big Bull Dolphin from this past Springs Bahama trip to Lucaya. We were over there in search of Tuna namely Yellowfin tuna. The Channel were were fishing is ever changing by the day, and some days there is a ton of debris and weed out there. 

When target tuna we like to fish the low light hours the most, as this is when they are most active. Mahi on the other hand I have found to be active all day long and bite very well during the heat of the day!

We took a break from chunking fro yellowfin and just rode around looking for things floating. The first stop we found a log and within 5 minutes of being stopped a giant 40lb Bull appeared out of nowhere. My buddy pitched it a live pilchard and it was on! Big dolphin can be either extremely smart or stupid I've noticed, but almost always will fall for a frisky live pilchard or sardine! Dolphin love fast moving things. 

We caught the big bull and after catching a couple of schoolies we moved on to another log type structure. It started out slow, but within ten minutes another big bull appeared out fo thin air. This one I caught and it was 25lbs. 

The point I really want to get across, is most people will run to floating debris and if they don't get any action within the first 5 minutes they move on. Little do they know that a lot of times the dolphin are submerged below and won't pop up until they feel comfortable. Always give a good looking type of structure some time before you move on.

Another day I was fishing with my gf and some friends and we had been at the last weed line of the day. We caught a couple of schoolies and had no bites for around 30 min. We were just about to leave when another 25lb fish appeared out of nowhere! 

Patience pays and when you are running and gunning don't give up on a spot to soon! Also always have some spinning rods rigged with lures you can work fast and aggressively, as mahi love them.

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