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How To Reuse Your Soft Plastic Bass Baits - And SAVE Money!

Author: ScottRoseFishing

Make Your Own Soft Plastics From Old Ones

This is an urgent message to every bass fisherman out there.  Don't throw away your torn up used plastics after catching fish on them!

It is a very fun and eco-friendly option to melt them down and make them into brand new baits.  I recently spent an afternoon with a friend who used to sell a variety of soft plastics and I left with over $150 in brand new baits - from what was previously unusable garbage!

I made a YouTube video covering the process from start to finish.  It is a crazy process and definitely very interesting to watch!  You guys need to check it out and tell me what you think in the comments about the concept.

Even if you don't want to make these baits yourself - there are plenty of bait makers out there that would be very happy to recycle them for you at a discounted price.  Simply leave a comment on my youtube video below if you don't know where to send them and I will happily tell you how to make use of them!

Watch The Video!

These baits are all stuff I use while guiding out in the Everglades for largemouth bass.  When I am out there, due to the heavy grass, I am never throwing less than 40LB Bullbuster braid and often times going up to 65LB.  You need that power to yank a 6 or 7LB fish through heavy cover before he gets himself unhooked.  With that in mind - we are not using any leaders.

Thanks for watching and tight lines!

Capt. Scott


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