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How To Preserve Your Catch!

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

How To Preserve Your Fish

Florida has a variety of excellent table fare fish. Some are best eaten fresh while other can be frozen for months at a time. It all comes down to how the particular meat of the fish fares under different circumstances. 

Yellowfin Tuna for example are bigger bodied Tuna with a lot of blood and a lot of lactic acid that builds up, due to their prolonged fight times and nature fo not giving up.

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Few fish have the perseverance that a Tuna does and they all almost fight the same way, with Tuna rolls that keep you pinned to the very end of the fight.

This results in a lot fo lactic acid build up in the flesh of the fish and this acid continues to build up after the fish is boarded. The acid can give the fish an unpleasant taste and turn the meat an unpleasant white color. 

To prevent this, we always bleed our tuna as soon as they hit the boat, to stop circulation and dispatch the fish. Another preventative measure we recently started to take is to beat the fish with a batt, on its its skull to knock the fish out ASAP and ensure it not only dies quickly and put it out fo its misery, but to prevent further lactic acid buildup. 

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Tuna aren't the only fish you can or should bleed. Im not saying all fish should or need to be bleed, I hardly every bleed my snapper or grouper or less fishy tasting fish. However Mackerel, kingfish, bluefish and other fish with pronounced bloodlines or fish that don't fare well when it comes to freezing, I always bleed!

Aside from icing your fish down properly, beating bigger fish with a bat as well as bleeding them can be a real key to getting the best possible fillets out of your catch! 

Yellowfin Tuna

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