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How To Prepare And Cook Yellowtail Snapper

Author: Albert Acosta

Yellowtail Snapper
Catch and Cook

Catch and Cook Yellowtail Snapper!

 So once you cut your yellowtail snapper it’s time to get them ready for supper the Florida Keys fishing can be great and when you catch these magnificent beautiful fish you need to make sure you eat them fresh within a day or two so you get the best out of what I like to do is once I’ve cut the yellowtail snapper I keep them on ice nice and cold on the way back to the hall to the house once I’ve cleaned and scale the fish and take the heads off and leave the fillets attached to the tail what I like to do then is prepare the fish for cooking the first thing I do is I season the fish with the Badia all seasoning .  I season the fillets on both sides thoroughly to make sure everything is covered once that’s done I get some flour and regular flour as well as some Cajun seasoning flour mix once I have the fish season for her for a couple minutes I start to my bread the fish on both sides of each file including the tail I like to mix the flour with the Cajun batter mix as well now once your fishes and is battered I make sure I get some oil fill the pan maybe about half an inch with oil and heat it I wait to the oil is nice and hot before placing the fish  in the pan. The pan needs to be nice and hot including the oil that will ensure that the fish is nice and crispy which is the way I like it. So what I do is I grab the fish by the tail I want to always hot I slowly immerse the fillets into the hot oil. The fish Mr. sizzling and start turning golden brown it’s only going to take a couple minutes once you see the fish fillets turning nice golden brown you flip them once making sure the both sides of each file or nice and golden. What’s the been in the oil on the side just a couple minutes you grab them and take them out and put them On a plate ready to eat.

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