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How To Make A Surf Casting Shark Rig!!

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

With the Blacktip Shark migration right around the corner, it;s time to whip out the surf rods and get to casting. 

The Migration can start as early as late January and last until Late March.

Lets face it if you don't have to kayak and get wet in Florida's "cold winter" then why bother! Fishing from the surf with either big spinning/casting reels and long 10-12ft rods is just what you need to be able to target these migrating sharks. Every Year I get asked on how to rig for these sharks, so I decided to make a video to help a fellow angler out. This is my way, and it works for me, but if you have your own method and it works for you, then stick to it. 

Let's talk terminal tackle! I use American Fishing Wire religiously and like sizes #9-#12 for Blacktips. As far as hooks go, any 2x-3x strong 6/0-11/0 sized hook will work, with the hook matching the size of you bait being the primary concern. If you are unsure of what I mean by this, I have also made a helpful Guide to Shark hook selection below. 

No need for the fancy stuff, just use the old school tried and true methods.

My favorite hook is the Mustad Demon perfect circle 3x strong 6/0 sized. I have caught plenty of blacktips on this size hook and even some very large bull sharks. You will need two 100+lb swivels of your choice, so as long as they're rated 100b or higher. You do NOT need to get fancy and expensive ball bearing swivels either. Depending on surf conditions and your rod rating,  you will need anywhere from 3-6oz pyramid or bank sinkers. Lastly 50lb mono leader and 80-100lb mono leader of your choice as well. Also although you can use mono on your reel, I prefer 50-65lb bullbuster braid braid as it will allow for more line capacity as well as greater casting distance. Start by tying an FG knot from your braid mainline to a 3-4ft section of 80 or 100b mono leader. If you are unsure of how to tie an FG knot, watch the video below!

Making a casting rig, attaching mono to a swivel using a UNI knot.

Now start to make your actual casting rig by taking one swivel and tying a 8-12in section of mono, onto one eye of the swivel via UNI knot. Then take the other free end of the mono and repeat this step onto the same eye of the swivel. Then simply take the closed loop end of the mono and slip it through the eye of your weight, going over your weight and pull tight as seen in the video. Now slide the open eye of the swivel onto your 80/100lb leader and slide a bead onto leader following the weight. 

To complete your rig tie your second swivel to your open end of your leader, thus stopping the sliding portion of the rig. Here is where the wire comes into play. Take a 2ft section of your wire and tie a haywire twist to both your hook and your second swivel. A video is provided below for Haywire twist help. 

Your rig is now complete and you are ready to catch some feisty blacktip sharks. 

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