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How To Make A Cuda Tube Lure

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

DIY Make Your Own Cuda Tube Lure!

In this article Im going to talk about how to make the popular cuda tube lure. The video above shows the real life demonstration of constructing it, as well as the real life action fo the lure.

Tube lures are often used for barracudas, but they take on many forms and shapes across the world, and are used to target a variety of species worldwide. The Tubes primarily used for cuds are generally bright surgical tubing in the 8-12in range and are made to resemble a needlefish. 

Anglers in the Northeast fish tube lures more slender in nature to mimic eels and other slender baits.

This is a relatively easy and quick DIY project!

Materials For Making A Tube Lure: 

1) Surgical Tubing in colors such as neon green, yellow, red or pink. I find that all colors work. 

Surgical Tubing For Making Your Own Cuda Lure

2) Heavy single strand wire


3) 150lb or 200lb barrel swivels


4) Egg weights

Egg Weights

5) 2/0 3x strong trebles hook. 

Step By Step Breakdown Of How To Make A Tube Lure:

1) Start by measuring out your desired length of tubing and cutting it. 

2) Slide a length of wire long enough to be able to tie a hook and swivel on opposite ends of the tube. 

Wire For DIY Cuda Lure

3) Attach the hook to the wire after you thread it through the tubing, using a haywire twist

DIY Cuda Tube Lure
Hook For Cuda Tube Lure
Cuda Tube Lure

Learn How To Tie A Haywire Twist

4) Add the weight of your choice, depending on the application. 1/4 oz is a good option. Slide it down the wire and push it into the tubing opposite end of the hook. 

Put A Weight On A Tube Lure

5) Seal off the connection by attaching a swivel using a haywire twist!

Its as easy as that! 

Barracuda With A Tube Lure

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