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How To: Hook And Anchor A Shark Bait!

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Best Way To Hook Your Shark Bait With A Circle Hook

In this article I want to go over two things to help you in your land based shark fishing pursuits. 

#1 How to properly Hook a shark bait!

#2 How to properly anchor a shark bait!

Let's begin by hooking your bait. Now, when you are land based shark fishing one factor that I think people often overlook is that your bait is anywhere from 50-500 yards away from you! Why is this so important you ask? Well picture how much slack your line may have and how much stretch you will have in your line when setting the hook on a shark. A lot of people neglect this factor and end up with a lot of missed hook sets. Over the years I have experimented with hooking my baits and this is what I have found to work for me. 

You want to Skin hook your baits in a manner that is deep enough to withstand pulling out from the tensions produced by the current, waves and tension in your line. However you want it light enough to where the hook will pull out of the bait and get caught in the sharks mouth as well. This is much easier explained in person that over a computer screen, but if you keep what I just said in mind it can serve as a major key in hooking you bait. Now the reason Skin Hooking is so vital, lies in the fact that your hook point is essentially prevented from doubling back into the bait and this is perfectly demonstrated in the video.

Next let's move on to anchoring your bait! There are two main ways to anchor, one being a breakaway weight and the other is a spider weight. I don't fish spider weights and don't know much about them, so I'll move straight into the breakaway weights. 

A breakaway weight includes a breakaway portion being any biodegradable material such as cinderblocks, rocks, bricks or any there type of stone like substance you can either find cheap or don't care to lose. As far as size is concerned this is dictated by current, how rough it is and how big your bait is. For smaller baits and light current, A typical paver sized brick will do and on rougher heavy current days a big brick or large piece of cinderblock. This goes the same for big vs little bait. I find that sharks do get spooked if they feel the tension of the brick at first, so the lighter the breakaway portion the better.

Shark Caught in Florida on a Beach at Night

I like 6-12ft of either 30b-60lb mono attached to my brick via a uni knot and then tied directly to my bait!! The reason I tie the brick line to the bait and not the swivel or hook, is best demonstrated by watching the video. But heres  a brief summary. By having your brick attached to bait directly, you know that any time you have tension in your line with your bait in the water that you actually have bait. The same cannot be said if you attach the line to your hook or swivel as crabs, current or a shark can steal your bait, without breaking the brick line and you may be fishing on credit!

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