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How To Get More Snook At Night

Author: Albert Acosta

Night Snook Fishing Tips

Night Time Snook
Snook Jig

I love snook!! Snook are one of my favorite fish to go after...there's something about them that drives you to look for them and fish for them. They are a tricky fish to fish for...elusive, finicky, stealthy, powerful, hard fighters with armor plated razor sharp gills. They are not an easy fish to land by any means and your tackle needs to be on point as well as the angler. Sure you can get lucky and land one with no problems but ask any angler about a snook he caught and he will remember every run, head shake, jump or wrap around a piling or mangrove he encountered before landing one. Snook love docks, pillings, bridges, jettys, mangroves and beaches. They love structure and when hooked will make a furious run towards a pilling or mangrove to cut you off. For these reasons your gear needs to be ready and on point. I suggest and use minimum 30 lb Bullbuster Braid and minimum 40lb fluorocarbon. Rod reel type I use are Quantum Cabo 40's. This set up is good but if you are fishing an area with more structure like pillings, docks then you might want to go heavier and beef up the braid as well. I cannot stress enough the importance of using Bullbuster Braid which is more abrasive resistant than mono which will help you around the barnicle sharp edge structure these fish hang around as well as the Bullbuster florocarbon which will help you from the snooks razor sharp gill plates. This week I'm in Anna Maria Island on vacation with the family and could not wait to fish off the beach because I knew something was waiting for me...the stealthy snook. I prepared my reels and picked my favorite jigs/lures.

Snook Gear
Bullbuster Braid and Florocarbon Ready!

I was fishing from the beach at night on a full moon and the tide was coming in so I was ready. Snook are a very tide influenced they like outgoing tides around bridges and jettys but incoming tides are good as well... they like moving water.... find it and you will find the snook. Here are some of my favorite soft plastics and jigs for snook as well as the Bullbuster 40lb floro minimum that you have to use.also a good headlight is needed for night snook fishing.

Snook Gear
Snook Lures

They love lights in the water around docks and bridges as this will give them ambush opportunities to hide in shadows and pop out and hit a baitfish or shrimp as it swims into light. But beach fishing for them is a little different, there really isn't any structure... see these snook patrol the shoreline pushing bait close to shore to feed.  I was using a green jig head with green and red feathers on 30 lb Bullbuster Braid with Bullbuster 40 lb floro. It was a beautiful moon lit night and the beach surf was coming in. I walked and cast about 20 times hoping for that signature hit and run. Then a few more casts then a few more that's how snook fishing is... its patience... see you have to believe that those snook are have to believe they are hungry and will hit your jig... then it will happen....BOOM... the hit happened! I was on feisty snook close to shoreline where surf was breaking. After a nice little run and jump I landed him. A beautiful moon lit night snook... there's nothing like it!

Moon Lit Night Snook

After a few pics I released him back into the moonlit surf to grow big and strong. After that I sat on the beach and looked up to the moonlit night sky and thanked the fishing gods for the snook encounter because I know they are not easy to come by....landing a snook isn't easy everything has to go right for you to have a chance at holding one... but when you do you will never forget it. 

Beach Snook

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