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How To Fish The Magic Swimmer At The Cape Cod Canal

Author: Sean Oneil

Cape Cod Canal Striper Fishing

When I go to the canal I use two lures 99% of the time. A pencil popper and the magic swimmer. The magic swimmer is made my sebile but they are very expensive and they don’t have the best quality terminal tackle, so I use the knock off magic swimmer. I buy them on eBay for a fraction of the cost of the real ones. I buy a pack of three for under 30$. The actual Sebiles are around 27$ for one. So that is why I don’t buy the real ones. 

As far as colors go, with all my lures I like to keep it simple. I fish mackerel when there is mackerel present and white or bone when there is anything else in the canal like bunker/pogies. I use the 7 1/2 inch version because most of the bait isn’t bigger than that size. Some guys at the canal fish the 9 inch ones but I find those to big and in natural. 

I use them in a medium to fast current. I cast up current and reel in the slack line. I give the lure a quick pump to make it look like it just got hit by a striper and it’s swimming away. Then I put the rod under my armpit and start a slow to moderate retrieve. Once something hits it I always either set the hook as hard as I can or if he’s not on yet I reel very fast to make the lure swim right under the surface to cause a reaction bite. 

I rig the magic swimmer with two hooks compared to one hook like most people use but I have a better hook up rate with two. I use 4x strong VMC trebles for both the tail and belly hook. The real sebiles come with very cheap hooks and even a 20lb fish could break them. I replace all my hooks with stronger and more reliable hooks. 

I fish them on a 11 foot tsunami rod. It is a beaver action rod that is rated from 2-6 ounces. I find I get the most casting distance with this rod even tho the magic swimmer cast terrible. 

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