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How To Fish The Glass Minnow Run

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

How To- Fish the Glass Minnow Run

This year I have spent more time chasing after tarpon during the glass minnow run, than I have any other.

I wanted to share what I have learned and observed over the past few weeks to help other succeed on the beach.

Where & When To Find Tarpon Feeding On Glass Minnows In South Florida

First is location. The glass minnows can be found migrating south on Floridas East coast beaches starting way up coast and I generally start to fish them when they hit the Vero Beach area south to Delray and Boca. Every year is different, but I find the Glass minnow action is vest where local resident tarpon seem to hold refugee and in areas of murky water. 

Catching Tarpon During The Summer Glass Minnow Run

This makes the Vero area. hotspot, with year round tarpon schools and murkier water it presents a unique fishing opportunity for land based anglers.

Gear For Targeting Beach Tarpon

Line For Tarpon Fishing From The Beach

I don't recommend fishing a reel with less than 40lb braid or less than 400 yds. There are plenty of fish that you can land on smaller gear, but there are some giant word class 150+ lb fish lurking out there. These fish will spool smaller class reels in a few seconds. 

Leader can be anywhere from 40-80lb test depending on size of bait and water clarity. 

Lures For Tarpon Fishing From The Beach

The best lures I have seen work are swimsuit stye lures or jerk baits. You need to fish a relatively smaller profile bait, but one that you can also cast out far, when the tarpon aren't hugging the shoreline. Strong thick gauge wire hooks are a must as well!

I know a few people will bring live mullet to the beach an they have success with them, but this is one fishery where an artificial lure is advantageous due to the fact you can run up and down the beach without having to lug around a live well.

How To Hook Em!

Fish the outside of the minnow schools as much as possible  as this is where tarpon will notice your lure, rather than in a giant bait ball of commotion.

Another thing that might surprise people is that the tarpon don't necessarily feed better at low light hours.We have caught them in the heat of the day. They exhibit more of an on/off pater throughout the dat, where they feed in intervals. 

Good luck out there! 


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