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How To Fish From Bridges In The Keys

Author: Bullbuster Team

Bridges You Can Fish In The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is famous for its bridge fishing.  Below are the bridges that you can fish in the Florida Keys, as well as what type of fish you may see while fishing down there. 

Islamorada Bridges (Channel 2 + Channel 5)

1) Channel 2 Bridge

2) Channel 5 Bridge

3) Long Key Bridge 

4) 7 Mile Bridge 

4) No Name Bridge 

Species That Can Be Caught From Florida Keys Bridges

1) Snook 

2) Tarpon

3) Permit

4) Pompano

5) Mangrove Snapper

6) Mutton Snapper

7) Lane Snapper

8) Grunt 

9) Jack Crevalle

10) Yellow Jack

11) Parrotfish

12) Blacktip Sharks

13) Bull sharks

14) Hammerhead Sharks 

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