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How To Fish A Bucktail Jig For Stripers

Author: Sean Oneil

One Of The Best Lures For Targeting Striped Bass

One of the most well known lures for striped bass fisherman is the bucktail jig. People have been using bucktails for stripers for over 50 years. It is the simplest but most effective lures to use. They are a couple clumps of hair from a deer tied with thread to different sizes of jig heads. A lot of people including myself use a trailer on the back of the jig for more action in the water. 

I like to fish bucktails in current, the surf, or in calm water early or late in the day. I think it is the only lure that can be fished in different situations. You can fish them on rough beaches, calm beaches, in the wind, deep inlets or in the calm bays for schoolie bass. I use a 10' Penn rod with a Penn Battle II. I spool the reel with 50 lb BullBuster braid and use a 30lb fluoro leader. I attach the bucktail to the line using a tactical anglers clip. 

For colors, I use a white bucktail 90% of the time but if the water is stained or dirty I will throw a green and white or red bucktail. I like to use 3/4 oz jig in the bays and the calm surf but when im fishing the rough beaches or strong currents I fish a 1-2 oz bucktail just so I can get more distance on my cast. 

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