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How To Eat Like A Seafood King In Florida!

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Who Will Win... Blackfin Tuna Vs Bonito!

Growing up in Florida I turned my nose away to many fish. I only really eat the "good eating" fish such as snook, snapper and dolphin. I had been blind to the fact that I was going off of what the world told me was socially acceptable to eat as well as what was edible!

Bonita Vs. Blackfin

This notion and way of life was ridiculous and it took a youtube channel and the catch and cook craze to alter my attitude. 

I had lived my entire life releasing fish that were deemed gross, inedible and "not good to eat". Why I practiced this stupidity I don't know!

I do know that many of the eastern cultures and people that were ridiculed for eating fish such as glasnose, toro snapper, jack crevalle, bluefish, ladyfish and other "gross" fish must have know something I didn't!

I began to experiment and try almost every fish that I could legally keep and I have tried over 20+ species that I would have never dared eat in my younger years including the highly smelly and pungent smelling toro snapper, which turned out to have some of the best fillets I have seen on a fish! 

I have eaten jack crevalle, and the day I filmed that video we asked our friends to blindly try snapper and jack side by side and they actually picked the jack as the more flavorful fish!

Bluer runners were another fish that were designated as trash and I can honestly say this was also one of there more flavorful fish I have eaten! Don't get me wrong Im not saying id pick a blue runner over a nice mutton, but the point I want to make is that all fish are edible and good. 

Fish need to be treated by their texture, bloodline and other factors that determine freshness and application in the kitchen. Certain fish ineherinetly just make better sushi, while others are better fried.

Fresh fish is the best fish, no matter what it is and living in Florida we are blessed to have such a diverse amount fo species that you could eat like a seafood king and try a new fish every week! Fish for whats biting not what someone told you think you like to eat. Be bold and get out of your comfort zone and try things you normally wouldn't!

I have attached below some of my more strange catch and cooks, with fish that are lesser known or often regarded as having poor table fare.

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