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How To Cook Yellowtail (Best Video Recipes On The Web)

Author: Bullbuster Team

How To Cook California Yellowtail 101:  The Best Recipes

Yellowtail is a very popular sport fish to catch in Southern California they are also definitely good eating.  We have compiled a few videos on how to cook yellowtail as a part of an article series that we hope helps you spend more time fishing and enjoying your catch with your family and friends. 

SOCAL Yellowtail
From of the Bullbuster Team Kerstin Moeller with a nice Yellowtail caught aboard the long range boat the Independence or "Indy"

How To Fillet A Yellowtail:

Below is a video posted by "Headshake TV" on youtube that shows you how to fillet a yellowtail.  This method will ensure that you get all of the extra meat and waste virtually nothing. 

** If you already know how to fillet your fish, SCROLL DOWN FOR THE RECIPES **

Cooking Yellowtail Using Your Stove Top & Oven:

Below is a recipe that will literally  make your mouth water while you are watching it. This video posted by "Cooking Seafood By Tommy Gomes" shows you how to cook yellowtail on a stove top. This is a super fast video that is simple but tasty recipe. 


-Yellowtail Fillet

-Slivered Garlic

-Lemon Confit

- Shallot 

- Grape Seed Oil

- Salt/Pepper

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Below is another take on cooking yellowtail posted by "Cooking Seafood By Tommy Gomes". This recipe is a little bit more complicated than the first one but you won't regret taking the extra time and getting the extra ingredients.  


- Yellowtail Fillets

- Aged Black Cherry + Ginger Infused Balsamic Vinegar

- White Peaches

- Olive Oil 

- Avocado Oil 

- Salt/ Pepper

-  Fibonacci Spice

- 2 Idaho Spudd Potatoes 

- 2 Green Onions

Below is a spicy take on yellowtail on the stove top.  This recipe was made by Executive Chef Dan Hernandez and posted by "Sport-Fishing.Com" on Youtube.  You can tell Dan is a true cook because of the way he talks about a recipe as a roadmap instead of a to do list. 


- Yellowtail Fillet

- Cayenne Pepper

- Paprika

- Garlic


- Salt/ Pepper

- Olive Oil 

- Sweet & Spicy (Dan Hernandez Sauce)

- Lime

- Butter 

How To Cook Yellowtail On The Grill: 

Below is an awesome video that shows you how to grill up a mean yellowtail.  The video was posted on Youtube by " Camp Chef".


- Yellowtail Fillet

- Olive Oil

- Balsamic Video 

- High Mountain Western Gourmet Fishing Seasoning

- Wasabi

- Apricot Preserves

- Sweet Chili Sauce

- Peaches

- Onion

- Lemon Juice

How To Make Yellowtail Poke:

Below is yet another video posted on Youtube by "Cooking With Tommy Gomes" that shows you how to make Poke with yellowtail.  It also talks about the importance of removing the bloodline from a Yellowtail for taste. 


-Yellowtail Fillet

- Japanese Dressing

- Ground Ginger

- Lemon Juice 

How To Make Yellowtail  Shoulder Himachi: 

This video was posted by " Hiroyuki Terada: Diaries Of A Master Sushi Chef"  on Youtube.  In this video the master sushi chef shows you how to make a mouth watering California Yellowtail Himachi. 

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The Best Recipes For Fish You Catch In SOCAL

Videos are excellent for learning how to cook your favorite fish. They say a picture is worth 1000 words well with a video you can pause the thing, replay it, screenshot it, and more.  So add a few zeros to that.  Below we have compiled video recipes from around the web for your favorite SOCAL target fish species. Each article starts out with a  video that shows you how to clean the fish and then gets into the meat of how to saute it, grill it, or make it into sushi, poke, curry, etc... depending on the fish. 

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