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How To Cook Redfish

Author: Albert Acosta

Redfish Recipe

Keep Your Redfish On Ice!
Redfish and Macks Waiting for Dinner

Redfish Are Delicious! 

After a beautiful day fishing out in the Gulf of Mexico it was time to head back to the marina and clean our catch for the day. Jorge and I had two nice keeper reds and some Spanish Macks that were ready for some filleting. The first most important thing is to ensure you keep those fish on real cold ice so they stay hard and ready for filleting. Once we returned to marina Jorge starting filleting the reds and macks and we were ready to head home. Once home I get the redfish fillets and season them right away. I like using Badia All Seasoning for this. It’s delicious and I use all the time for my fish. I season both sides of the fillets and put on plate and put in the refrigerator for about 30-45 minutes to let the seasoning sink into the fillets. I then get a frying pan ready with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is great for frying. I coat the frying pan with enough oil to just ensure the fish fillets do not stick to the frying pan. 

The Good Stuff

I do not heat the pan to much so the fillets do not burn...keep it at a good medium temperature and then place the redfish fillets in the hot olive oil pan. I cook each side a few minutes until golden brown. They will look beautiful and you will know when they are ready. 

Redfish Fillets Are Ready
Reds in a Pan

Once they are golden brown take them out carefully and plate them with some salad or your favorite sides. This is a simple way to cook fish and I love it. I like to eat fish simple no deep frying really just simple in a pan and then serve. Like this you will taste more of the fish and really get an appreciation for the different taste fish have instead of just deep frying. Hope you enjoyed my article and Remember Spend More Time Fishing with Bullbuster Products! Visit and order your fishing lines today . See you next time. 

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