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How To Cook Mahi

Author: Albert Acosta

How To Make "Mahi Fingers" Fish Recipe

Mahi Mahi
Mahi Fingers

Mahi Are Great Fighters and Great Eating!

Mahi mahi is one of the most beautiful, hard fighting and tastiest fish you can go after. So after great friends Jorge and Josh invited me to a mahi fishing trip in the Florida Keys I knew what would be next ...a fish fry! We came back to the dock late in the day and had over 20 mahi caught using Bullbuster 30lb mono and floro ready to get filleted. Once the mahi were prepared I went back home after helping wash down the boat knowing we would be eating really good. So in this article I’m going to share with you my favorite way to prepare mahi and how to cook them. The first rule of mine is I do not freeze fish...I know some of you are saying I’m crazy...but I feel if I spent all this time and hard work chasing and catching these fish the least I can do is eat them fresh and share with friends and that’s what I do!  Called by brother Danny and mom and dad and told them to get ready for a mahi fish fry and grill. I start by getting the mahi fillets and deciding which ones I will fry and which ones will be grilled.  I keep the smaller thinner fillets to cut into small chunks to fry as mahi fingers. The larger thicker cuts I keep for the grill. I cut the mahi fingers into just that finger the size of your pointing finger. Once all the fillets are cut into finger size then I season them with Badia Adobo All Seasoning. It’s a seasoning we Cubans and many others love and use to season fish. Chicken and meats....It’s delicious. 

Season Mahi Well
Mahi Ready

Mahi Separated
Mahi Fingers and Fillets for Grill

Now I move on to the mahi fillets for the grill. I cut these into larger chunks like steaks like 6-8 inch cuts and season them as well. When seasoning the mahi make sure you season all sides of the fish pieces. i then get a frying pan and coat it with vegeatable oil enough to cover and cook the mahi chunks. Then I batter the mahi fingers in New Orleans Style Fish Batter Mix and make sure all the strips are battered well and ready for the frying pan!  Heat the oil until it is nice and hot...I check to see if its ready by throwing lightly a little batter dust flakes into the oil to see if it sizzles...if it does then its ready to go! I start placing the mahi fingers one by one into the frying pan until full them fry until all sides are golden brown...that the Magic color! 

Mahi Fingers in Frying Pan
Mahi Frying

After a few minutes they will be golden brown remember to turn them carefully so all sides eat golden..once golden you can start to take out and place on plate with paper towel to soak up extra oil left on fingers. Put a little fresh lemon on them and they are ready to eat and get ready they are delicious! 

Mahi Fingers Are Ready!
Mahi Time !

The other strips that I prepared for the grill I start to place on BBQ grill. 

Mahi Steaks
Grilling Mahi

I have a small dish with real melted butter and minced garlic ready for the grilling. I brush the mahi with a little olive oil on both sides so they don’t stick to the grill so much. Once the mahi are grilling I brush them with the butter/garlic as I flip them and grill for several minutes on both sides. 

Mahi Sauce!
Butter and Garlic

Mahi on the Grill
Mahi Cooking

Once they have some good grill marks on them I take them out making sure they are cooked good. Then its chow time! These are my favorite ways to cook mahi and I hope you enjoyed my article. This fish is great fighter and even better on the table to eat with friends and family. Remember Spend More Time Fishing and order your fishing lines and tackle 

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