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How To Choose The Right Pound Test Line, Grass Flats, Waterways, Seawalls, Docks And Structures.

Author: Evan Soudijn

What Pound Test Should Be Used?

Once you have found your rod and reel setup, the perfect fishing line can be a challenge to find. Many novice anglers are confused about finding the right rod and reel combo that is perfect for them. A major element in preparation for future fishing requires having an appropriate size rod and reel. From my experience of being a fisherman for many years, I have compiled a list of tips that can assist anyone interested in the sport.

Monofilament Fishing Line or Braided Line.

To begin, your future fishing depends on deciding between monofilament or braid fishing lines.  Fishing a grass flat waterway or a seawall or dock with live bait require the use of different lines. I recommend stepping down a line size if I am going to be fishing in the flats, where casting long distances is a crucial factor to the amount of fish caught. If you are fishing heavy structure and docks stepping up your line class will increase your odds of catching more fish. For example, if I had a 4000 size reel on a medium action rod, I would consider what kind of fishing would I be doing. 

Jack Crevalle, live bait on the beach
Jack Crevalle, Live Baiting on the Beach

Check out this article on live baiting and rigging for land based fishing.

Fishing for Trout and Redfish, lighter line for added distance and sensitivity.

 If I wanted to fish for trout and red fish on the grass flats I would use 20 pound bullbuster braid. This will give me more casting distance and sensitivity rather 30  pound test. I would put the 30 pound test on that same 4000 size reel and use it for fishing docks and seawalls where the odds of a bigger fish are greater.

Given these points, finding the right size fishing line can be challenging at times but considering what kind of fishing are you going to do can help you narrow down the right line for you.

After you find the right rod, reel, and line combination make sure to use the Reel Line Capacity Calculator to make sure you have the perfect amount of line on your reel.

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