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How To Choose The Color Of Your Monofilament "Mono" Fishing Lines

Author: Bullbuster Team

We wrote this article to give you a guide to choose your fishing line.  Everyone has their preferences when it comes to fishing line, so instead of telling you which line color is THE BEST!  We decided to come up with a guide that tells you the trade offs between the different colors and different situations where one line color might be better than the other. 

We carry our monofilament fishing lines in four colors: 

Clear Monofilament Fishing Line

Clear Monofilament Fishing Lines


 Clear is our number one selling fishing line. Clear is simple it gets the job done, its definitely translucent.  If you are going to be using a reel for a bunch of different types of fishing, clear is probably the way to go.  If you are going to be making  leaders with your bulk mono, clear is probably the way to go as well.  Bottom line you pretty much can't go wrong with clear fishing line


If you aren't following our tips on how to make your line last longer.  You're clear line, can end up looking like white line.  If you don't rinse it off, you will easily see the salt build up, and any scratches they may have accumulated from using your line for a while without re-spooling or proper care.  

Blue Monofilament Fishing Line 

Blue Monofilament Fishing Lines


Blue monofilament lines are great for offshore fishing line, as they blend it with the offshore water.  We have many boats that use our blue mono right off of a 1Lb spool for sailfish leaders (It definitely works because we see their flags flying high).  Blue also can look really nice on your reel depending on its color. 


We tried really hard to come up with a con for blue, but simply couldn't come up with one, sorry.  Blue mono is awesome!  

Pink Monofilament Fishing Line

Pink Monofilament Fishing Lines


Pink monofilament is one of most popular colors especially for fishing in South Florida.  Red is the first color to fade out under water so using pink line can improve your chances of getting a strike. 


Like blue, its kind of hard to come up with a con for pink fishing line.  Pink mono is awesome!

Yellow Hi-Vis Monofilament Fishing Line

Yellow Monofilament Fishing Lines


Yellow hi-vis fishing lines are great for situations where you need to have a big picture, and see all your lines at once.  We get lots of fishermen that use our hi-vis lines for kite fishing so that the whole team can know what is going on when it goes down with a large pod of sails.  It is also great for big game fishing where you are fighting big fish and need team communication.  


The name "hi-vis" says it all.  There are many situations where your hi-vis lines can prevent you from getting a bite because the fish can see your line more easily. We recommend always using either a long mono leader our fluorocarbon when using hi-vis line. 

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