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How To Choose A Snook Jigging Rod

Author: Sandesh Sukhdeo

Best Rods For Throwing Snook Jigs

What Is Snook Jigging?

Snook jigging has become quite the popular thing on Florida's East over the past year. I know many of the fishermen down south have been doing it since the 80's. Up around the New Symrna and Daytona Beach area our local outfitters and tackle shops only recently have been stocking their shelves with Flairhawks

The Jigs

There are 3 main brands of flairhawks I have seen and have used. There are T and A jigs, Gulfstream Lures Flairhawks and First Light Tackle Jigs. I have used all three brands and have caught snook, redfish, tarpon, bluefish and the occasional Goliath grouper as well. Everybody has their own personal preference when it comes to throwing flairhawks. I prefer the Gulfstream Lures Flairhawk over the others because I like the color options they offer as well as offering different styles of jigheads. The price they are offered for at my local outfitter shop is considered a "steal" when compared to buying flairhawks at bass pro shops or any other big sporting goods store.

Below is a video posted by fellow Bullbuster Ambassador Landshark Fishing on Flair Hawk Color Selection: 

Onto The Snook Rods!

Now moving on to the rod selection portion of this post.  The ideal rod length for throwing flair hawks are in the 8-9 ft range. ( I am a shorter person so I prefer the 8ft rod from my experience.) Why the excessive length? It is important your rod has that extra few feet for added sensitivity and extra pulling power. The recommended action is a fast action rod. The reason you want the fast action rod is so you can pull the fish away from structure and stop the fish dead in its tracks. Pick a rod with a medium heavy to heavy action. You need all the back bone you can get, big snook do not give up easily and will run you right into the structure.

A few rods I have used in the past ranked from my favorite to least favorite are

1. Star Rods VPR Surf Series 8ft (What I am currently using)

2.Tackle Industries 9ft XXH Mag

3.St.Croix Tidemaster 8ft XXH

My Personal Snook Rods

I prefer to use spinning tackle but I have used casting gear and was successful with it. I like to use 4500 penn slammers and 6000-8000 shimano saragosa's. They will be spooled with either 30lb ,40lb or 50lb braid. For my leader I choose 40 or 50lb bullbuster mono leader.

My dedicated snook jigging combo consists of a Star Rods VPR Surf 8ft and a Penn Slammer 4500 or Shimano Saragosa 6000. This is one of the lightest combos I have and I can throw jigs from 10pm to 4am with no problems at all. It has all the backbone I need to horse big fish out of pillings and structure.

I hope you found this post helpful.

Sandesh Sukhdeo

Flairhawk Jig For Snook

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