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How To Choose A Jetty Rod

Author: Sandesh Sukhdeo

There are hundreds of rod brands out there with thousands of models to choose from. These rods can vary in price from 50 dollars all the way up to 500 dollars. With so many rod choice's how does angler make a decision? First of all, you as the angler have to know what you use the rod for and you have to know your price range. The higher priced rods will have a better blank construction made out of graphite or carbon fiber. The higher priced rods will also have better components as well, such as titanium guides and torzite, SiC, and Alconite guide inserts. These guides inserts will rarely chip or crack or show any wear because the are made out of carbon or tungsten.


In my opinion a good jetty rod is in the 8-9 foot range with a line rating of 12-25lb and a medium fast or fast action. My rod of choice is a Star Rods VPR Surf 9ft 12-25 lb class. It features high modulus graphite with a nano resin carbon fiber wrap integrated in to the blank increasing sensitivity and the strength of the blank. The guides are Fuji K guides; which are tangle proof due to the design of guides. They feature titanium construction with Sic inserts. I love this rod and I have owned many rods like this some have been custom built and have costed me as much as 500 dollars per rod and other have only been 100 dollars. For the price point and the features as well as the lifetime warranty on this rod, I think it is worth it to take a look at this rod. It is my all time favorite rod to use and I have caught some pretty big fish on it and it handles well. The retail priceon this specific rod is 299.99 and it is worth every single penny.


A few other good option by price would be

$ 50- 200

1. Star Rods Stellar lite 8ft   (99.99)  I owned this and loved it. 

2. St.Croix Mojo Surf 9ft Mf  (199.99)  Best components and value for price

3. Ugly Stik Bigwater 8ft 10-25  (59.99)  Good option for the budget angler.


$ 200-350

1. Star Rods VPR surf 9ft    (299.99)    I own and it is my favorite rod to use.

2. St.Croix AVID surf 9ft     (310.00)  Great components and blank. I owned this.

3. Phenix Black Diamond 8'6 (299.99)  Great overall rod as well as my back up.




$ 350 -1000 dollars

1. Barret Rods Custom Snook and Tarpon Rod 9ft     (550.00) 

Features a custom blank, tiatnium Fuji K guides and Torzite inserts. I own this but don't care for it.

2. St.Croix Legend Surf 9ft MMF  (550.00). Good Rod, I used to own but sold it for my VPR.


I have owned many of these rods and it is not necessary to go and spend 550 dollars on a full custom rod, unless that is your thing. However I find that the less expensive rod made from newer materials is benefiting me more. But if I had to choose 1 rod from any of the three categories for myself or anybody I would tell them to get the Star Rods VPR. I can cast 1/8 swimbaits up to 100ft as well as using up to 4 ounces of lead for soaking a bait on the bottom. It is the most versatile and reasonably priced rods on the market today.


Good Luck and Tight Lines

Sandesh Sukhdeo

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