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How To Catch Yellowtail Snapper On Party Boat

Author: Albert Acosta

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Yellow Tail Snapper
Islamorada Yellowtail Snapper

The Florida Keys...just saying those words brings a smile to my face. The Florida Keys waters are without question some of the most beautiful waters in the world and there is a bonus...they are full of fish! One fish that I always take time to go after in the summer months are yellowtail snapper. During May through August down in the Florida Keys the yellowtail snapper fishing is awesome! They are a colorful beautiful fish that fights hard and they are delicious to eat. So every year I go to Bud N Mary’s Marina in Islamorada and book a trip on the Miss Islamorada party boat. They have a great set up down there with tackle shop, marina, bait store, and great food and snacks for your day out on the water. The Miss Islamorada provides the chum, bait, and you just have to catch the fish. The captain and deck hands are very friendly and really help you out with whatever you need. Before I head down I prepare my rods and reels for my yellowtail excursion. Yellowtail snapper fishing can be very rewarding but its tricky, these fish are very wary and will not eat your bait if not presented correctly. I use 40 type Quautum Cabo’s loaded with 12 lb. pink mono and then tie line to Bullbuster 20lb Fluorocarbon. You have to use the light mono and light floro or your fishing day will be very slow. I usually put about a 3 1/2 foot cut of the Bullbuster 20lb floro then tie a small yellowtail pink or chartreuse jig head very light weight...1/8 oz. ou can see from picture below the one and jig heads I am using. This set up is deadly on yellowtail snapper!

Yellowtail Tackle

Bullbuster Ready for Action!

Once I have my yellowtail rod/reel combo loaded and ready I get me heavier combo ready. Mt heavier combo is a Avet reel loaded with Bullbuster 50lb braid and then topped off with 2oz weight attached to swivel with about 4 feet of Bullbuster 40lb floro with a 2-3.0 circle hook. I use this set up to fish on the sides of the party boat once the current dies off or when they switch fishing spots for all the anglers. See they rotate the anglers so everyone has a chance at the Yellowtail’s. Before we head out I take a sit bucket with pump and buy about 10 pinfish...mangrove snapper love pinfish. This is what I use my heavier set up for...the big GROVES! Bud N Mary’s has a sandwich shop on site and they make some great sandwiches there for your day out on the water. So I take my Yeti full of ice and drinks, grab a sandwich at the shop, load up on some pinfish and off I go on board the Miss Islamorada! There is nothing more beautiful than watching the sunrise over the clear blue waters of me you will love it! 

Miss Islamorada

Now once at the fishing location they start chumming the waters and the yellowtail start showing up and the action heats up. First thing you have to do is get a small pice of bait and hide your jig and hook good into the small piece of bait the just toss your jig into the chum slick and leave your bail open....let the line go out with the current holding the line slightly with your fingers just enough to feel when a tail swoops in and takes it! You will see and feel your line start running then just close your bail and reel in! You will get some nice yellowtail and have a blast catching these fish. Limit is 10 snappers total and that is some great eating. That day I caught my limit of yellowtail and mangrove snapper. When it was my turn to fish on the sides I grabbed my Avet and put a nice little pinfish on and sent him to the did not take long before I was on with some real nice fat mangrove snapper....they love pinfish!

Cooler is Happy
Yellowtail and Mangrove Snapper

When the mangrove snapper hit it is a viscious hit...they just pounce on that pinfish and swallow it whole. It was a great day caught my limit of snapper and had a great day out on the water. t was time to clean fish and get them ready for dinner! I hope you enjoyed my article and it helps you catch more fish! Remember Spend More Time Fishing and order your fishing line at

See you next get out on the water and catch some fish! 

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