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How To Catch Squid In Seattle

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Squidding In Seattle

On just about any night of the week from October to January if you go to a local pier you will find a group of squidders huddled together around homemade lighting systems and LOADING UP on squid.  Spend a night out on one of these local piers when the bite is good and you will be eating well for days.

Local squidder Harvey Musselman is a squidding guru. He squids at least 2 nights a week and has been doing so for 10 years.

Two Popular Squidding Spots In Seattle 

  1. The Pier Downtown Under The Ferris Wheel

Squidding Pier In Seattle

  1. Alki Beach Piers

Squidding Pier In Alki Beach

Tackle For Squidding In Puget Sound


The above rod is actually a fly rod outfitted with a spinning reel. This allows for better tip sensitivity.

You are going to want a long and sensitive rod to feel the bite.  Some locals order rods all the way from Japan for this specialty fishing.  If you have a light fly rod, try attaching a spinning reel, the extra weight and sensitivity will be to your advantage. 


Any small spinning reel will do.  Make sure it has a line clip on it. (We will get into that later). 


Light line is the way to go, especially braid.  Try spooling your reel with 20Lb braid, this will give you the diameter of 6 Lb monofilament but a lot more sensitivity.  You can go even lighter with your leader. 

Squid Jig

How To Pick Your Squid Jig

A squid jig is unlike any jig that you use for other species.  These jigs don’t have hooks but instead have small spikes pointed upwardly so that when the squid grabs the jig and you pull upwards with pressure you have them trapped. 

Check out this video posted by "Holy Moly Outdoors" on squid jigs and how to rig them for catching squid in Seattle and Puget Sound. 

The Double Squid Jig

When the squids are thick you may want to try a double squid jig setup.  The jig on top should be lightly weighted and your jig on bottom should have more weight. 

Local Culture Of Squid Jigs

Custom Jigs Can Often Be Bought From Local Craftsman 

There are many local crafters of jigs.  Jig makers take their craft seriously.  Most squid jigs feature some sort of glow in the dark features. 

Lighting For Squidding 

Bring a 12 volt battery and fasten an LED panel facing the water. 


The majority of the squid are near the bottom.  Drop your squid jig all the way to the bottom.  When it hits, take one crank, and then fasten your line on the line clip of your spinning reel.  

Once you have your line marked. Cast your squid jig out until it hits the mark naturally.  Then let your squid jig drift back at you without reeling. Keep tension on your your using your rod. Any slight bump can be a squid. 

Once your squid jig is right below you. Jig by bringing your rod from 7pm to 9pm in a quick upward jerking motion. Once you have the line up, slowly lower your rod to 7pm.  Most squid hit the jig at 7pm. 

Puget Sound Squid Fishing Regulations: 

Check these regulations to figure out how many squid you can keep.  

(Washington Squid Regulations)

Cook Your Catch (Squid)

Below is a video posted by "Washington Fishing Adventures on Youtube that shows you how to clean your squid.

Below is a video put together by Scott Rea that shows you how to make a mean Calamari Dish!

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