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How To Catch Peacock Bass In Winter

Author: Albert Acosta

Winter Peacock Bass In Miami

"Florida does have winters... very mild ones... but for several fish in Florida that is a huge change"

Winter Peacock
Winter Is Coming

Winter? Winter? Winter in Florida? Yes...Winter is coming. Florida does have winters....very mild ones ok lol. It does get cold in northern Florida but down in South Florida it really does not get cold. The temperature drops a few degrees and we get a few cold front that come through and push the temps down to the 60's and maybe 50's if we get lucky. It doesn't really sound to cold but for several fish in Florida this is a huge change. One fish that really gets affected by this change are the peacock bass. these fish are originally from South America from the jungles of Brasil and doesn't get cold there. So when the temps drop these fish change drastically. 

Changing Weather = Changing Behavior

They will not be in the shallows where they spend most of the year hunting and spawning. It can take days for these fish to re-emerge after the temps drop and the waters warm up again so you have to prepare and look for them when the temps change. Right now the peas are heading to deeper water after the temps have started to cool they know Winter is Coming. So last weekend I decided to get up early and catch some bait and see if I could find some peas. I had the live well loaded with bream, Mayans, and tilapia and set off in search of peas.

Winter Fishing Peacock Bass Fishing Report

I arrived at the first stop and looked around and saw a few small peas lurking around but nothing with any size. I know the nicer peas were deeper. I grabbed a nice fat bream and sent him out with a small sinker and about 3 foot of Bullbuster 30lb flourocarbon and a small 2.0 circle hook. The small weight will keep the bait deeper and swim near the bottom where the bigger peas are hanging out. It didnt take long and I felt the bait running for its life but it was pointless....he had to be in the middle of a swarm of peas because it was enhaled almost immediately. I set the hook and after a few runs and jumps I landed a beautiful peacock bass. The sun was out and it was clear blue skies the peacock bass was glimmering in the sun...turkey a beautiful fish. Here is a short video of him before I released him back to his winter lair. 

Remember When In Doubt Go Deep During The Winter

Just remember a few degrees lower in temps will affect these fish and make them go deeper. You will not see them like in summer or spring....but they are thereyou just have to be patient. Lures will be tough during this time as they will not be as aggressive. Live bait is the way to go during this time with small sinker then hold on. They will eat once the bait gets down to where they are hiding. During the Florida winter months you can really land a nice peacock bass as they will be schooled up in the deeper water. I hope you enjoyed my article and it helps you catch more fish!