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How To And How NOT To Tie The Haywire Twist!!!

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

The Haywire twist, are you doing it right?

Single Strand wire is a great leader material for toothy fish such as King Mackerel, Sharks, Wahoo and Barracuda. The problem most people have with wire is they are bewildered when they are forced to tie it. It amazes me how many people think they know how to tie wire and have been getting away with this for years! The Haywire twist is the only "knot" I know that is even considered when tying single strand wire aside from the Albright knot. However the Albright can only be used when connecting wire to another leader material such as mono or fluorocarbon. The Haywire twist allows an angler to connect his wire leader to a hook or swivel

Make sure you twist it, not wrap it.

I created a video demonstrating How to properly tie wire and then How to improperly tie wire, which I still see all too often with even the most experienced fishermen. When tied faulty, the haywire twist, isn't much of a twist at all, but more of a "wrap" that will leave you with twisted emotions when it breaks!!! Wire is unlike monofilament or fluorocarbon that synchs down on itself. Instead wire tends to slide on itself, and does not like being conformed to the shape you try to give it. This is why you cannot simply "tie" wire, but you must twist it instead. 

I won't go into too much more detail as the video does so thoroughly. However the next time you tie wire, please remember that wire isn't a material that synchs down, but instead must be twisted and interlocked with itself (resembling a braid) to ensure a secure connection. In the video you will see what happens when wire isn't twisted, but instead wrapped onto itself and it does not  end pretty!

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