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How Much Does Monofilament Fishing Line Stretch?

Author: Bullbuster Team

Your Mono Stretches... How Much?

Your monofilament fishing line stretches a lot more than braid does. This is why many anglers use mono as a kind of shock absorber.  Monofilament lines stretch up to 25%.  What is important about a monofilament is not just how much stretch it has, but its memory.  Bullbuster monofilament has low memory so that after your line has stretched and given you that initial shock absorption it goes back to normal.  

Many Anglers Ask :  What Is The Bests Monofilament Fishing Line?

The answer to this question is, a monofilament that has low memory, and good abrasion resistance. It took Bullbuster several years of testing to come up with the best formula for our monofilament fishing line. This testing was not just done in a lab with a line tester machine, but also in the real world by giving it to the best charter boats to fish it daily and put lots of pressure on it.  The formula that lasted the longest after being fished day in and day out was the fishing line that we went with.   Some of our initial formulas tested well in the beginning but after being fish a bunch of times wore down. This was not acceptable to us since our mission is to help you spend more time fishing. 

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