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How Does Hollow Core Braid Work?

Author: Bullbuster Team

Don't Tie Any Knots, Use Hollow Core Braid

If you have never heard of hollow core braid and want to learn what hollow core braid is and what it is used forclick the link to the left. Anyways back on topic.  How does hollow core braid work?

Did you ever use a chinese finger trap when you were a kid?  If not the picture below describes it. 

The pattern of the braiding on the hollow core braid tightens on the monofilament when you pull, this allows you to have a seamless connection since you no longer need a knot.  This is great for allowing the line to go in and out of your line with ease and makes for a great connection for monofilament topshots

Below is a video that explains hollow core braided fishing line in more detail. 

The below video talks about a few different applications of hollow core braid

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