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How Being Money Savvy Can Help You Spend More Time Fishing

Author: Bullbuster Team

Tools & Tips To Re-Allocate Your Money To Spending More Time Fishing

In this article we are going to be talking about getting value in your life along with a few other tips that can help you become more money savvy as well as enjoy your life.  These tips aren't a crock of S%&T they have been lived and are proven to be tried and true by Bullbuster's founder.  

“Budgets Are About Getting Your Priorities Straight”

  • A Budget -  At first a budget is about understanding what your personal expenses about.  This takes time and practice, and many of us think we know, but we later on learn better.  Budgets also help us to understand our personal habits and ourselves better.  At the end of the day a budget is about prioritizing.  Its about knowing what is important to you and putting that in front of you financially and living by it day to day.  It takes practice and self discipline but it can give you amazing results.  

  Below is a link to you budget that you can use for budgeting (fishing is obviously included). 

A Tool To Help You Kick Ass At Life While Spending More Time Fishing

Budgets, sound boring right?  Well that depends on the way you think about them.  Use them as a tool to get exactly what you want out of life.  They are excellent for helping you spend more time fishing. 

Budget That Will Help You Spend More Time Fishing

Cash Flow Planning: This is an advanced budget. This is a more honed tool to get you to the place you want to get.

Capitalize On Cash For Fishing

    • 1) Buy Brand Direct - Well we are Bullbuster (so we have to tell you that buying directly from our factory is going to save you time and money on your fishing line , which it will, but we have plenty more tips below). 
    • 2) Search Craigslist Instead Of Buying New Gear - At any given time anglers are getting rid of their used gear on craigslist at a fraction of the price. Steals can be found on the daily with gear that is in excellent condition (often even customized). 
    • 3) Do You Need The Truck?   - There is no question that it feels badass to be in a big truck flying around the streets, but does it help you spend more time fishing, or show people that you fish. Gas bills on a big truck can eat you up.  Unless your job is to fish, chances are you can do a lot less working and a lot more fishing if you get rid of the big truck. 
  • 4)   Do You Need  A Car At All?  -  With the invention of Uber the benefits of owning a car have been called into question.  Now if you live in a more rural setting, than the answer is YES you need a car.  But if not , Uber pool can sometimes be as low as $1.65 to go 10 miles.    (Get rid of your car payment  (idk what is is a month, but that could be gas money for fishing), get rid of your gas bill, get rid of the parking tickets, get rid of speeding tickets, get rid of paying for parking).  

Backpack Fisherman 2.0 (Uber Fisherman)


Tried and tested by Bullbuster's founder.

“ Owning”  A Car Often Looks Like This: 

Car Payment (Where You Rent Your Car) - $300/month (or more)

Gas - $100-$300 a month depending on if you have a car or truck

Paying For Parking -  $30-$50.00 a month if you live in a city (sometimes more if you have to pay for parking at your work)

Car Insurance -  $150/ month

Wear & Tear  & Maintaining Your Car -  We estimate $50.00 per month (sometimes this is less, sometimes this is way more. )This includes oil changes, changing tires, cleaning your car, etc….

Total Cost Of Car Ownership Per Month 

Approximately  $730.00 

Cost Of Uber Per Month

$10/day for 30 days a month - $300.00/month

$10/day for 30 days with 2 Uber XL's (For your fishing gear) a week -  $460/month

$10/day for 30 days with 4 Uber XL's (For your fishing gear) a week  - $620/month

* Pro Tip - Use not owning a car to pay for your Ubers by renting out your parking spot at your building for monthly income. 

Tips For Ubering As A Fisherman 

  1. Use Uber Pool Only When Not Fishing - Don’t be inconsiderate and try to pool with your rods.  You may get lucky to have a cool group of people to ride with, and an understanding uber driver, but that is lucky.  You don’t want to mess up your Uber rating over something preventable.
  2. Get A Direct Uber- 
  3. Make Sure You Have Cleaned Off Your Gear (Makes Sure It Is Not Wet and You Are Not Wet) - If you damage an Uber drivers car, they can charge you for it. They can’t drive other people around in a dirty car, so they are going to need to get it cleaned, and you are going to pay for that and your loss of time.    Make sure to bring a towel to dry you and your rods off as well as a good change of clothes for the ride home. 
  4. Have A Ton Of Gear -  Get an Uber XL  — Your Uber Driver will often help you load the gear into the car.  You may also be surprised your Uber XL driver may turn into a new fishing buddy. 

Do You Need To Own A Boat ?

- By Colby Uva - Bullbuster's founder. 

Try a boat membership program, well it depends on what your priorities are.  

Below is the original Bullbuster Jon Boat:

The best boat ever had was a $1,000 Jon boat, I bought it for $1,000 and sold it for $1,000 a year later.  Boy did I catch some fish on it.  (Redfish, Blackfin Tuna, Snook, Tarpon, 9ft Bullshark, Snapper, Grouper, Sea Trout, Cudas etc). Purchase Price: $1,000


50 Gallon Live Well

Depth Sounder

12 Rod Holders

Blue Underwater LED Lights

Trailer Included

15 hp engine

Sold:  $1,000.00  

Bullbuster Co-Founder Eddie Castaneda with a hefty blackfin tuna caught aboard the 12 foot Jon boat with a 15 horse power engine. 

A year later, I bought my dream flats boat and spent more time fixing it than actually fishing. 

My next boating attempt will be a boat club.  I’ll update the results here. 

My Researched Pros & Cons List Is Below (will update you with the actual pros and cons). 


 - No Maintenance (this is the biggest pro)

  • You can switch up your boat with no cost depending on the type of fishing you are going to be doing. 
  • Sometimes you will not have to clean the boat ( we don’t know about you, but that is usually our least favorite part).
  • An entirely new group of fishing buddies


  • Boat availability - you will need to plan ahead and book your boat, depending on the club you are a part of you may have to book way ahead. 
  • Limits to where you can take your boat (you usually cannot take your boat internationally, like a trip to the islands). 

We hope that you enjoyed this article on the Bullbuster Community.  It is our mission to help millions of anglers spend more time fishing and that starts with YOU!



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