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Hook Your Live Bait

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How To Hook A Live Bait

In this article we cover a few different ways to hook your live bait and some pros and cons of each method.  

Shoulder Hooking - Shoulder hooking a live bait is one of the most effective ways to hook your live baits to let it have the best swim action.  With this method you have a well secured hook and when you go to reel you bait in, it won’t drag them backwards and kill them. 

Butt Hooking -  Butt hooking a bait is a good way to get the bait to swim down naturally. This is a good way to target deeper fish (see 5 ways to get your live bait deeper).  The one con of hooking a bait using this method is that when you reel your bait in you will most likely drown it.  This is a method for continuously free lining (East Coast) or fly lining (West Coast). 

Nose Hooking  - Most baitfish have a section of their nose where it is sturdy enough to hold a good hook.  This method also allows your bait good swim action. 

Bridling - Bridling your bait is an effective way to hook your bait so that it can swim freely, and so that you have the most hook showing. (See How To Bridle Your Bait)

Belly Hooking - Belly hooking a bait is an effective way to get a bait to swim in an injured manner.  This may get the attention due to its flailing nature.  The one con of this method is that your live bait may not last too long. 

Mouth Hooking - Mouth hooking is putting the hook through the bottom lip and up through the top.  This is a great method for hook security, however your bait may not last too long with this method since the hook is blocking its breathing method. 

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