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Home-Made Shark Weights

Author: Lalo Jake Ojedas

Make Your Own Weights For Shark Fishing

The expense of shark/surf weights and why we make our own.

Surf Fishing Weights

Land Based Shark Fishingin general to me is on a whole different level of fishing then just going fishing and seeing what you might hook up too but its always better to have knowledge before starting to just randomly start buying stuff like tackle that stuff can get expensive when buying it from tackle shops already made so that why I started making my own leaders for every type of fishing and now started making our own weights me and ambassador Chris Meza.

Materials To Make Your Own Shark Weights

1.Couple pounds of lead

2.Heat source

3.Molds or home-made molds

4.Stainless steel wire for legs and eyes

5.Bucket of cold water

Make Your Own Weights For Lanbased Shark Fishing

Step By Step Guide To Making Your Own Shark Fishing Weights

First: we started by melting down a couple of pounds of lead over a barbeque pit and making sure it had constant heat to stay liquefied

Second: We had already gone to local hard wear store and purchased conduit for electrical ¾ pipe and then a metal 2inch coupling. (the 2inch coupling we cut in half to open once lead was poured)

Third: we used an old piece of 2x4 and made holes for the legs of the weights to fit in so that the lead would drip out so the holes were precise.

Fourth: cutting and bending all the legs to fit inside the conduit pipe before pouring and making sure they weren’t going to tip over and adding the to eye of the weights to hook to your snap swivels on the leaders.

Fifth: pouring the lead very careful into each pipe and coupling, being very careful because lead is extremely hot when liquefied. Can cause serious burn to skin and body parts. (recommend gloves, apron, eye were and hand tools)

Make Your Own Shark Fishing Weights

This is just a process for fellow shark fishermen to be able to make there own weights because the fish really don’t care what they look like as long as the bait is smelly.

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