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Hollow Core Braided Fishing Line For Your Pitch Rod

Author: Bullbuster Team

Why You Should Use Hollow Core Braided Fishing Line For Your Pitch Rod

A pitch rod is a rod that you use to drop your bait back to a fish. This can be either on the troll or running and gunning to let back live baits. On the troll a bait is dropped back to a fish in the spread (most often to a billfish like a marlin). When running and gunning this can be dropping a live bait back into the front of a moving school of tuna. For this rod, it is best to spool with hollow core braid so that your line moves smoothly through guides uninterrupted, the last thing you want is to miss your shot at a fish because the knot got stuck in the guide. 

How To Splice Hollow Core Braided Fishing Line

In the video below Pauly Luwaii shows you how to splice monofilament fishing line into hollow core braid

How Does Hollow Core Braided Fishing Line Work?

The video below talks about how hollow core braided fishing line works.  

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