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Hogfish Catch And Cook Recipe

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

TV Episode About Spear Fishing For Hogfish & Cooking Them

The only thing I love more than fishing, is probably cooking and being able to combine the two has really complimented my love for both. There is something unique about being able to cook your own catch and share that meal with others as well. 

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My family aside from me, is not very big on the outdoors and let alone fishing. Thus leaving me to bring home the fresh seafood! Well on a recent trip to West, End of Grand Bahamas Island in the Bahamas, we shot a ton of Hogfish. Seeing these fish underwater is a sight in itself and then seeing one of the tastiest fish on your dinner plate just seals the deal. 

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My Girlfriend Brook shot a stud male Hogfish, in the 24inch range and it was her personal best. 

The one thing I really enjoy about hogfish, is the texture of the fish. I find that some fish are either very flaky or firm, but very rarely do you find a fish with both attributes. Hogfish is exactly that! Super flaky, but firm which makes it very enjoyable to work with as it can be used in a variety of culinary applications. From grilled, blackened, fried and even ceviche. 

I decided to prepare it Coconut crusted style in a mix of coconut flakes and panko bread crumbs as I have never tried it. As a side dish I made Banana fritters which I learned about on my Bahamas trip. The video posted above goes in detail regarding the ingredients and preparation process for the fish!

Special Ingredients

Coconut Panko Breadcrumbs
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Hope you all enjoy. 

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