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Haywire Twist For Shark Fishing

Author: Ryan Carson

The Correct Way To Do A Haywire

The Haywire twist is what many people use when connecting a hook to a wire leader. The first part of the haywire twist is called haywire wraps and the second step is barrel wraps. It is the combination of the two that make the Haywire Twist so dependable. Even though the haywire twist is great it is only as good as the execution and making sure you have done it correctly.  If this is not done correctly you run the risk of the wire leader pulling straight and there goes your fish.

I personally use the Haywire twist for shark fishing. The last thing I ever want to see is a shark to swim away because I didn’t make my Haywire twist correctly.

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When making the Haywire twist you want to run approximately 8-10 inches of wire through the eye of the hook or swivel. Use the hook or swivel to help make your loop by rubbing it back and forth. (Do not just bend the wire) Once that is done you now are ready to begin you haywire wraps. Personally I like to do 3-4 haywire wraps. To do this you want to cross one strand of wire under the other strand then hold the two strands between your index finger and thumb of the right hand and twist. Make sure that the main wire and the tag wire end cross each other at an angle in excess of 90 degrees. This is a critical part of tying the Haywire twist. If they do not have sufficient angle, you will find that one wire is only wrapping around the other. (See images below.) You also must twist both at the same time so that they are both crossing each other. Once you have made 3-4 haywire wraps you can move onto your barrel wraps.

Barrel Wraps...

Barrel wraps are what finished off the Haywire Twist. To do this push the tag end until it is just past a right angle to the standing wire. Then you want to tightly wrap the tag line around your standing wire 4-5 times. When doing the barrel wraps use your less dominant hand to hold the hook or swivel along with your haywire wraps. Use your dominant hand and use your thumb to twist the tag line around your main line until you have 4-5 barrel wraps completed. Once you have completed your barrel wraps your onto the last step.

Breaking off your left over tag end. You want to bend your tag end back and forth until parallel the wire breaks at the last barrel wrap until the tag breaks off. Never cut the wire with pliers as that will leave a dangerous burr that can make a nasty cut to hand or finger.

Correct way to do a Haywire Twist.

Wrong way to do a Haywire Twist.

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