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Guide To Fluorocarbon Fishing Lines

Author: Bullbuster Team

Best Guide To Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

What Is Fluorocarbon & Why Would You Use It Instead Of Monofilament Fishing Line?

Fluorocarbon is made up of a different plastic polymer than a regular monofilament fishing line. This gives it two properties over monofilament which make it a better leader material. It is denser, making it more see-through, and harder making it more abrasion-resistant. 

When To Buy Fluorocarbon In Bulk Vs. In A Smaller Spool

This article talks about when it is better to buy a spool of fluorocarbon in bulk vs. a leader material spool.  

Bulk Spools Of Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

On we carry fluorocarbon fishing lines in bulk spools (500 yards) in a number of Lb tests.  These spools are great for the following scenarios:

1)  Kite Fishing For Sailfish - Kite fishing for sailfish requires long leaders (up to 20 feet) and lots of them. If you are fishing 2 kites you will have six leaders out at a time. It is best to buy a bulk spool if you are going to be kite fishing and store your pre-made leaders on a yoyo. 

2) Bottom Fishing - Bottom fishing is another scenario that you will be making long leaders.  For bottom fishing, you can make pre-made leaders and store them in ziplock bags, or on a yoyo. You can also stick your 500-yard spool of fluorocarbon on a suction cup line spooler

3) Charter Fishing - If you run a charter boat, you are going to be using a lot of leader material. Face it, fluorocarbon fishing line is not cheap!  You are going to get the best price per yard if you use the bulk spool. 

4) Rigging Trolling Lures - If you are going to be rigging a lot of trolling lures with heavy fluorocarbon, you might as well use a bulk spool to do this. 

5) Live Baiting - If you are fishing live baits, the bulk spool of fluorocarbon is the way to go. 

6) Tournament Fishing - If you are tournament fishing, you are going to want to have plenty of pre-made leaders ready to go. The last thing that you want to be doing in a big-money tournament is to be rigging leaders while the fish are biting. 

Learn how to store your pre-made leaders.

50 Yard Spools Of Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

50 yard spools of fluorocarbon fishing line are great for you if you want to have a number of Lb tests in your fishing bag at once. Also if you have a certain fluorocarbon that you don't use too often, but would like to have it just in case. Below are a few times you might want to buy a 50-yard spool of fluorocarbon fishing line. 

1) Inshore Fishing For Snook & Redfish -  If you are throwing artificial baits at fish in the flats to finicky fish like snook or redfish, you may want to use a fluorocarbon leader. Your fluorocarbon leader should be 2-3 feet, so you are not going to need a bulk spool in this scenario. 

2) Tarpon Fishing - Fluorocarbon fishing line is great for tarpon fishing, most leaders you will use for tarpon are less than 5 feet in length.  You will also not be using too many leaders for tarpon fishing since most tarpon fishermen fish 1-2 rods at the same time. 

3) Fly-Lining Baits To Yellowfin Tuna In SOCAL - Fly lining live baits to yellowfin tuna in Southern California requires fluorocarbon fishing line since these fish can be EXTREMELY finicky. 

4) Rigging Yo-Yo Jigs -   If you are dropping a yo-yo jig down to tuna, fluorocarbon is going to be needed. You are not going to need super long lengths either. 

5) Vertical Jigging - Fluorocarbon fishing line is great to use while vertical jigging, like the above applications you are not going to need fluorocarbon in great lengths.


Debunking Youtube Experiments That Say Fluorocarbon Is Less Abrasion Resistant Then Monofilament 

You always need to look at how the experiment is done to make claims.  The hardness of your fluorocarbon allows it to fight initial abrasions.  If you get any small chunk out of any type of line your abrasion is going to increase abrasion exponentially. 

What You Should Do With Your Fluorocarbon After You Pull It Out Of The Spool

1) Wipe down your fluorocarbon to remove any dust from it. 

2) Straighten out your fluorocarbon by applying steady tension to it once you have attached your hook. 

Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Diameters

20 Lb Test Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Diameter

(mm): 0.41

(inch): 0.016142

30 Lb Test Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Diameter

(mm): 0.50

(inch): 0.019685

40 Lb Test Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Diameter

(mm): 0.60

(inch): 0.0236

50 Lb Test Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Diameter

(mm): 0.68

(inch): 0.02677

60 Lb Test Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Diameter

(mm): 0.77

(inch): 0.03031

80 Lb Test Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Diameter

(mm): 0.92

(inch): 0.03622

100 Lb Test Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Diameter

(mm): 1.01

(inch): 0.03976

130 Lb Test Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Diameter

(mm): 1.22

(inch):  0.048

Why Bulk Fluorocarbon Good for Spending More Time Fishing

Boats that consistently win tournaments are prepared.  Its about spending more time fishing.  This isn't just about getting on the water, its about the amount of time you are fishing when you are on the water. 

  If you are a serious tournament fisherman having a 50 yard skein of fluorocarbon just simply isn't enough.  You should have several bulk spools of fluorocarbon at your disposal and you need to be making your rigs before you hit the water and you need to maximizing your time fishing by having those rigs ready to go. Running out of leaders and realizing the night after day 1 of your tournament is not an option.  There are a lot of competitive fishing teams out there, one mistake can potentially cost you thousands.

Team Frick & Frack won the Pompano Beach Rodeo 2 out of the past 3 years using Bullbuster Fluorocarbon.

We recommend keeping your bulk fluoro spools at home. Here you can make an assortment of different leaders so you are ready for different situations before you even think about getting on the water. Utilize those stormy days to be ready for fishing when the time when the time is right.   Use Yoyos, or a sets of ziplock bags with a sharpie to prep your gear so its easy to figure out what you are looking for out on the water.  As DJ Khaled would say, a "major key" to success is preparation. 

The David family fishing aboard the Frick & Frack wins the 2014 Pompano Beach Rodeo.

If you are fishing sailfish tournaments this definitely applies to you. For tournaments you have no business fishing mono.  Yea there are insane days out there where the bite is going off.  But if the bite is going off for you its going off for everyone.  Use every advantage you can get to get the edge. Most boats today are using fluoro for tournaments.  Nowadays fluorocarbon is not a competitive edge but a given.  If you are not using fluoro you are starting from behind. 

31 Sailfish caught aboard L&H Sportfishing which is based out of Key Biscayne, Florida.

The  bulk fluorocarbon we can barely keep on our shelves during tournament season is our 40LB 500 yard spools.  These things fly like hot cakes.  Get a hold of your bulk spools before the season starts.  Every year we sell out quickly!

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